Diagonal Weave Infinity Scarf/Cowl

I made this beautiful  diagonal infinity scarf/cowl, I’ve also seen it called the celtic weave in some instances.  I loved the pattern so much I just had to try it.  I got all of the materials together and got started.  The chain and first row was easy as pie, it was the rows after that that had me pulling my hair out, it just didn’t make sense, until it finally did.  I watched the video demonstrations so many times that I could see them in my sleep, I just couldn’t figure it out.  I decided to start from the beginning and read the pattern over and over again until it made sense, it finally did.  When you finally figure it out it seems so simple.  The power of words is amazing.

The yarn I chose is Mary Maxim Woodlands, Beige Heather.  You can see all of the details here.  You can also follow me at ravelry.com here.  I just recently joined at Ravelry and have found an abundance of patterns for crocheting, knitting, and looming.